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There have been so many topics concerning the best racing game for android, but they are somewhat updated and might not have enough details that can help one to decide on the right game to install on their device. Most times, players go to their app store, search for this specific genre and download whatever that has lots of reviews. They open it up and find out that cars and even gaming resources are hard to acquire. This is mostly bad for anyone that might be on a limited data plan. So, imagine if you buy 3gig internet bundle, then download a game of 2.5 gigs, and found out that it doesn’t suit what you taught, you will be left with 500mb.
So, from this issue, I will state one game which is mainly the number one anyone that likes racing must install.

Racing Rivals android game.

Racing Rivals gameI used to see this particular game on app store 5 years ago and taught it might be bad to play. Most times, I argue if it would be like asphalt 8, since that one is definitely the worst game in my mind. It doesn’t look much more real. But after few days, I decided to go to an android download site through Google and get one for my device. At first, I thought of using app store, but the fear of not getting the raw file was my problem.
I used ucweb browser android version to obtain a copy, then extracted the files with an app from rarlab. It was the most time wasting thing which I have ever done on my mobile phone, since the game file was very large. I had to wait for few minutes for the extractor to open up the file, before I spent another more minutes for its installation. At first, I was thinking of skipping the process by deleting the game and deciding not to go on, but the overwhelming idea of trying it out was still there. After sometime, I opened it and it began to play.
Guys, the graphics is so amazing and better than those ones I play on my personal computer. In fact, my first race was better than the tutorial I followed concerning the best generator for roblox robux.

In a better way to express the game, I think you have to watch this racing rivals video. You will be convinced that it is solely the best racing game for android, which you have to start making plans on how to get it pushed into your phone.

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