Why is Clash of Clans so popular?

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Clash of Clash is a fantastic game that has hard to come by players. Since 2012 it was released, it has dominated numerous app stores and each day, it keeps gaining more ranks as the top glossing app.
In 2013, the game made $892 million, with $5.15 million per day which tend to be higher than other popular ones.

The game play resolves on the idea of fortifying and defending your base from raiders, so that you can gain resources and restart the same process. Though it is addictive, but you ought you must be a tactical kind of player in order to understand how to conquer.

clash of clans popular game

Moreover, few players like the addictive nature, like a guy that tends to play 18 hours per day. He played in order to give proper training to his troops. This training process is essential to build up more resources and help win in all raids with COC magic items.
Like every other top player, Tyrael upgrades his base and managed lots of defensive walls, which mostly makes him the hero without restrictions.

Clash of Clans is free to download, but you need to pay for some features if you want to move more quickly. Players are urged to pay for virtual currencies using their credit card in order to stay ahead within the game. But you can still get those functionalities by playing the game longer.

On every raid, there is a three minutes timer, in which you will be assigned 30 seconds to check an enemy base and destroy it.
If you win any battle, you will get one trophy, which pushes your ranking. If you lose, you have to give some of your trophy depending on the opponent that has higher or lower ranking than you. If you try to earn more, you must take more advanced risks.

This is what it looks like in the awesome video below.

Tyrael was pushed to play Clash of Clans by his brother immediately after it was launched. With his iPhone 5S, in most cases, he had to play for more longer in order to become a top player this recent times.

In this perceptive time, Clash Of Clans still maintain the top in the list as many players rush into it and try as much as possible to get into the game ranking. Just as Tyrael always say, you have to gain enough ground before you can conquer hard missions in the game. You can skip all that by paying a lot.

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